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Madam Opticon (Kay-Megan Washington) is an eerie vocal delight whose... serene and yet treacherous voice flows in hypnotic waves during “Madam Opticon.” Her voice sounds almost ghostly, as if she truly were channeling the sound from another world. 

DC Metro Theatre Arts


A winning portrayal of Falstaff -- by a man or woman -- is crucial. Kay-Megan Washington delivers that winning portrayal. She is the familiar belly-scratching, tall-tale-telling, wine-swilling Falstaff.

But her warm, almost musical speech imbues every word with the love and friendship Falstaff feels for Prince Hal.

 J. Wynn Rousuck, WYPR 

Kay-Megan Washington... fully captures Falstaff's dual personality, the con artist beneath the veneer of jolly old St. Nick. She is every inch a Falstaff, whipping off Falstaff's witticisms nimbly and with incomparable timing. Yet, there is little sense of devotion between this Hal and Falstaff, and that seems derived from the script.



[Sweeney's] accomplice in both talent and insanity was the thrifty Mrs. Lovett played by Kay-Megan Washington. Her mixture of unrequited obsession, sporadic squawks, and collected cunning in the wake of murder was brilliantly delivered and just as uneasy as they should be. She might sell the worst pies in London but her comedic delivery of a woman so off was deft enough to have you rooting for her.

DC Metro Theatre Arts  

Mrs. Lovett... played by the ever talented Kay-Megan Washington… with brilliant warmth, humor and brings wonderful charisma to the role. [In] “Have a Little Priest," good as Angela Lansbury was in this role, Ms. Washington fills these big shoes with ease.

Maryland Theatre Guide


Kay-Megan Washington is a consummate professional and a truly exceptional and gifted actor. She puts such careful thought into the rehearsal process and, as a result, her performances exude energy and grace that are both captivating and contagious. She also happens to be one of the most brilliant comedic performers I've ever had the chance to direct. I would cast her again in a New York minute.

Erin Riley, Director


Kay-Megan Washington… what a powerful, beautiful voice. Every time Washington opens her mouth, whether acting or singing, is a delight, but none so much as her big number, the sweeping “Ballad of Sex Addiction.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts

I had seen Kay-Megan Washington onstage several times... and I have always admired her talent. When the opportunity arose to cast her in a leading role in our production of The Threepenny Opera at Spotlighters Theatre, we leapt at the chance. As a singing-actor, Ms. Washington has great stage presence, commanding the entire theatre and making her character truly “live.” I have rarely met anyone with such an immediate and excellent grasp of a part, including character development, good suggestions for line interpretation, and willingness to take direction and expand upon it appropriately… I believe that our production has benefited greatly from Ms. Washington being in the cast — I cannot think how we would have gotten along without her!

Michael I. Blum, Director


There are many strong individual performances from this talented cast, but Kay-Megan Washington’s performance as the vivacious and feisty Joanne must be mentioned off the top for her strong character and powerful vocals from the opening number, “Company,” until her show-stopper, “The Ladies Who Lunch.” Washington’s singing is effortless, and her humor and sass are piercing in every scene.



Kay-Megan was a delight to work with. Her performance was nuanced, and had the perfect balance of honesty and vulnerability. She went the distance. 

Shane Logue, Writer/Director

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